Mutism is a rare disorder. It is the situation where the individual has the ability to speak but does not speak. The child chooses the people and environments he/she wants to talk to and expresses himself/herself by only talking to them. It normally manifests itself in the kindergarten period. However, when this situation is followed well, it can also be noticed in previous periods.

Conditions That May Lead To Occurrence;

  • Migration
  • Silence in the family, especially the quiet, withdrawn and shy nature of the mother
  • Isolation from the environment
  • Shyness
  • Speech disorders and/or dialectal speech in parents and people around them
  • Exaggeratedly attentive and meticulous families; overly anxious and protective parents

In these children;

  • Their communication with the mother is very intense and they do not want to leave the mother.
  • It can mostly be seen in an additional disorder. (Articulation and phonological disorder, stuttering, pervasive developmental disorder, etc.)

Family factor, environment is a triggering factor. However, this is not the only reason.

Language Development Tracking in Risky Newborn Babies

A risky baby briefly refers to babies who may experience neurological retardation in one or more developmental areas due to medical problems during pregnancy, during or after birth. It is very important to monitor the development of these babies and to intervene early against any possible retardation. In such cases, Speech and Language Therapists follow the baby from the newborn period, plan and implement family education, regularly monitor the baby's language, cognitive and communicative skills.  If you are under follow-up for a risky pregnancy, you should contact a Speech and Language Therapist before your baby is born.

Language Development Tracking in Healthy Babies and Children

Language and speech therapists evaluate the milestones of language and cognitive development in normally and healthy developing infants and children; provides services in the selection, implementation and follow-up of supporting activities and activities.