Autism spectrum disorder; is an umbrella term encompassing a group of disorders characterized by difficulties in social interaction, emotional reciprocity, verbal and nonverbal communication, and symbolic play. Autism is a complex developmental disorder that includes delays in social communication and language skills, and various emotional, cognitive, motor and sensory skills. Specific behaviors such as spinning around, arranging toys, or repeating words without a specific meaning or purpose are common, but these symptoms actually stem from more fundamental problems with relating, communicating, and thinking. Language, thinking, and social skills of a child with autism vary depending on where they stand on the spectrum of autistic disorder. If your child is suspected of autism, there are 3 basic questions to ask. Does your child have difficulty establishing intimacy? Does she look for people she is comfortable with, such as a parent or caregiver? Does he show closeness in this relationship and is he happy with it? Can your child communicate with gestures and facial expressions? Can he consistently use smiling, frowning, shaking his head, and some other gestures? When your child starts using words, can they use them in a meaningful way? Do the words and symbols he uses contain emotion and desire? For example, "Mom I love you." or "I want that juice." sentences like; or "This is a table." or "This is a chair." Does he use phrases like If there is any doubt about your child about these issues, it is very important to have an evaluation with a speech and language therapist. Early intervention is very important.