Stuttering, It is a disorder in which the individual knows exactly what he wants to say, but his fluency in speech is negatively affected due to involuntary, repetitive prolongations and interruptions. These disorders; repetition of sounds, syllables, or monosyllabic words, prolongation of sounds, and blocks. Stuttering can often occur in the first years of language and speech development, predominantly at the age of 2-5 years. Although the causes of stuttering are not yet fully understood, there are findings that genetic and neurological factors play a role in the etiology. A therapy plan specific to the individual with stuttering is determined and implemented by speech and language therapists.

Fast Distorted Speech ( Takifemi)

The individual, often incomprehensibly fast and irregular  It is a fluency disorder characterized by inappropriate pauses and irregular speech rhythms, in which he speaks (throwing syllables, repeating syllables, etc.). Individuals with tachyphemia may have low self-awareness of their rapid distorted speech.